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Tess Booker & Friends: Inspired Lives

A Compilation of Inspiring Stories

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Tess Booker & Friends on bookshelfYou did it. You made the cut, accomplished the goal, got past the pain, overcame the tragedy. It was hard, and you stand here as living proof that it’s possible.

But have you thought about the people coming up behind you? The ones facing similar struggles and wondering if there’s a path through the wilderness?

Join me in a new project to help them.

I know what it is to overcome fear. I’ve made decisions to walk in a life of faithfulness, love, and deep forgiveness in the midst of adversity and seeming impossibilities. These decisions have given me the freedom that I can now bring to others.

I know you have something to offer. Not just a testimony but a road map. Show us how to follow you. What is it you discovered in overcoming your obstacle? Whether its health, toxic relationships, abuse, or your own fears. Whatever that story is, it is YOUR story. Here is a chance to OWN your story and make a difference in others. 

I’m compiling a book, Inspired Lives, a collection of stories of triumph over adversity. Your Story Matters It has the ability to give hope, encouragement and permission to others who are struggling and need the inspiration to grow and believe they have purpose in the middle of adversity.

Inspired Lives will be a professionally produced and published book that you will be proud to be a part of. Even if you think you’re not a writer, we have a team to edit, design, and produce your story. It will be available on Amazon, and you will be able to share it with your family or your business associates. Your why, your legacy, your manifesto with the authority of print (also ebook). 

As part of this book—

  • You’ll make the world a better place by sharing your path of triumph
  • You’ll build a legacy so that your family and friends understand your story
  • You’ll establish yourself as a valuable speaker, teacher, and influencer, who knows the path to triumph

I am inviting you to be one of 25 people to share your stories.

Because publishing is a big, complicated train with a lot of moving parts, we have to be firm with these deadlines. Reservation and Entry need to be submitted by Oct 1st. There is a fee of $150 to cover editing and other production costs. You will receive two copies of the printed book. Each chapter will be about 1,000 words (about 2 pages of content) with a 100- word bio and photo of the author. It will be edited and designed by publishing professionals. The book will be available worldwide through Heads up! Be on the lookout for further information regarding your submission via email. 

Your story matters. It gives other people permission to overcome their obstacles and tragedies with grace and love. Be bold and inspire lives with your story! 

Join us in telling your story.

Meet The Author

Tess Booker

I believe in the power of our personal testimony. It gives permission for others, to hope, to believe and to act! Our stories bring alignment, power and authority. Our stories are not our own. We have experienced these events in order to give away what was once given to us. Your experiences cannot be taken away from you. They are your reality. Your perception of truth. And they are a display of God and his love towards us. I love this quote from Bill Johnson. He says, “When we speak from our experiences, you are not just giving information, you are releasing a power of transformation” Bill Johnson.

This book shares the stories and experiences of others.

Published Books



Book Recommendations

The Shack

This book has helped me understand how to forgive myself and others. And in turn, this has helped me love others easier. I realized that my perceptions of God and lack of understanding of who I am mirrored my ideas of self-identity. I had a lack of understanding ME. This book has reinforced the knowledge that I am loved. I want you to know that YOU are loved. YOU are worth the journey to find God and fulfill YOUR unique purpose. This book reinforces this awesome journey of Life!     

The Best Yes

Currently Reading

No Limits: Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity

This book has helped me understand how I was limiting myself. I had allowed limiting beliefs, unproductive thoughts and habits to keep me from my full potential. I did not understand the power that I carried in me. This book gives you a plan to lift the blinders that hold you back. When the blinders are lifted and your are given new knowledge and tools, you can build the life you want. You can blow the cap off your capabilities. For me that means, I am leading and living more authentically, building teams and loving others! And you can too! You do have the capacity to build and achieve your dreams and fulfill your desires.


When we speak from our experiences, you are not just giving information, you are releasing a power of transformation”

– bill johnson



TBA • Eugene/Springfield, OR

Our book launch party will be announced closer to the date.

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