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Are You Ready to Build Your Mental Resilience?

Explore your mental advantages, align your goals with your purpose and achieve well being in your
 4 CORE Pillars of Life: Finances, Health, Realtionships and Emotions.

Are You Ready to Build Your Mental Resilience?

Unlock & Align the Mental Power
4 CORE Pillars of Life:
Finances, Health, Relationships and Mindset

Let’s discuss the following topics to uncover what’s stopping you in the

4 CORE Pillars of Life: Finances, Health, Relationships and Mindset


Do you show up as the best version of yourself to gain credibility, and trust, and build character to attract those you want to work with to create impactful relationships and content that leaves a legacy and purpose? 


Are you mindful of your thoughts and actions and how they connect to those around you?


Are you motivated by pleasure or pain? Is your motivation enough to sustain yourself?


When it comes to energy, are you full or running on empty? Did you know energy is abundant and always available to you, when harnessed, it creates more ease and grace, sustaining an abundant life. 


Can you explore and allow ideas to flow, providing opportunities and productivity? 


What keeps you from implementing? Are you decisive? Can you activate from a place of authenticity, or do you push hard, control, and burn out? 


Do you have certainty in your life? Peace of mind and deep trust in knowing you and what is the best course of action to take in your life? 


Can you see yourself walking into a room of people searching for answers? Do you find you have to prove yourself or do you walk with certainty and humility with nothing to prove?

About Me

I’m Tess Booker.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Legacy.

“Tess Booker, a mom, a wife, an author, an entrepreneur, and a life and business coach, finds inspiration in God’s amazing love. Guided by His grace, she nurtures her family, writes impactful stories, builds businesses, and empowers others.

 Rooted in faith, she embraces her roles, reflecting His love in all she does. She aims to inspire others to find purpose and fulfillment through her journey, knowing that God’s love fuels extraordinary possibilities.”

"Embrace the beauty of your journey, for it is in the twists and turns that you discover the strength within you. With each step forward, you unveil your limitless potential. Life is not about reaching a destination; it's about savoring every moment along the way.

Embrace your authenticity, trust your inner voice, and let your spirit soar. You are the author of your story, and each chapter holds the power to inspire and transform.

Live with intention, love without bounds, and create a life that sets your soul on fire. This is your time to rise, to shine, and to embrace the magic of your own existence.

Believe in yourself, for you are capable of miracles beyond imagination. Unlock the power within, and let your light illuminate the world."


What Clients Are Saying

Amie Allison

Having experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I knew components of how to overcome stress. Inspired Living gave me clear tools to use and the impact of mindset and how the mind and body work to compound problems and how addressing these in the mind allows the body to function in relieving stress and bringing balance and peace into my daily life. Real life happens. With Inspired Living Life Coaching I know I have the tools in place to keep me motivated in my everyday life. I know I have options and a new found freedom to create my best life. I know my worth. Blessed with Tess Inspired Living Life Coach

Virginia Wright Johnson

Are you feeling stuck? Are you not sure what to do next with your life or situation? You know that you cannot continue to simply go along to get along. Tess can help! Her warmth, knowledge bandwidth and innate capacity to help you change your life go unmatched to others in her field. Tess takes a collaborative approach in helping you identify, prioritize, and implement strategies for real world change into your life. Her tenacity as a lifelong learner shows itself in the depth and outcomes of her professional relationships. Simply put, Tess is someone that you want in your professional and personal circles.

Molly Dixon

Tess is not a one-size-fits-all kind of coach. Her coaching is very personalized which helped me a lot. Fourth, since I’m a spiritual person, I loved that the coaching was Christ-centered and this is where I had most of my ah-ha moments. Of course, if someone isn’t comfortable with that, Tess would never push that on anybody. As I said earlier, her Tess’ coaching is personalized to fit her clients. Tess is thoughtful, loving, sweet, and loves helping others. Her attributes are what makes her a great and special coach! My personal life and business has

William Stewart

I’ve known Tess since grade school, and she always brought out the best in people while being a light for those around her. Reading these stories, I can see how other bearers of God's light and grace have joined Tess in inspiring others. Inspired Lives is a testament to the mustard seed in all of us.

 "Salt" Garrison
"Salt" Garrison@davesalt
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We all have stories to tell. It’s in part of what makes us human. The stories we tell bind us together like ligaments in the body that connect bones to other bones. Our stories connect our lives and our souls to each other. Without them, we would simply fall apart. But not just any story will connect us. The best stories are those of struggle, of challenge, of obstacles, faced. Sometimes we emerge victorious, other times we end up on the kitchen floor crying in the fetal position. It’s not the end of the story that matters…it is the telling of the story that matters most. The word Inspire comes from Latin meaning, “to breathe into”. Inspired Lives compiled by Tess Booker is just that: stories that breathe life and remind us that we are beautifully flawed, wonderfully challenged, and at our best authentically human. Tess has woven these stories into a beautiful tapestry, not connecting bones, but rather connecting our human spirit as we all share this body of life. Dave “Salt” Garrison is a Human Behavioral Specialist and trained High-Performance Coach, specializing in the science of personal transformation and empowerment.
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