Inspired Lives By Tess Bookers & Friends

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Inspired Lives is a compilation of 22 stories showing everyday people finding transformation in trials and struggles.

The struggles are diverse—abuse, neglect, mental illness, deception, disease, death, and other difficulties real people face in real lives. They come from various perspectives from atheism to Christian faith to something else. What ties the stories together is that they end in triumph. Not saccharine “solutions,” but personal transformation that gives the struggle meaning.

This is a book for anyone facing a moment of darkness or needing a bracing dose of inspiration.

“Your painful past does not dictate who you are or what you are capable of,” says Tess Booker. Inspired Lives can show you how to take the next step.


Inspired Lives is a beautiful, authentic collection of real stories of struggle and triumph over some of life’s most common and difficult challenges. If you are looking to connect and learn and be inspired, this is a great read.

— Aloma Loren, Social Entrepreneur, Build Your Dream Life

Inspired Lives is a collection of honest stories about overcoming adversity with courage to live a fuller life informed by a larger spiritual context. May it inspire you to see challenges in a new light.”

— C. Bloom, LMT

Inspired Lives is a compelling collection of stories, a guaranteed must-have on your shelf. You will be able feel the life of each story and know it is almost like your own. You will laugh or drop a tear as you turn each page. This book lets us know we all live love and go through trials. You are not alone in this crazy world, just one page away from your reality.

— Irene S.

Tess has used the tools and support that have come her way, and now I see how much she has traveled towards being the person we know and love. Inspired Lives gives us all something we can relate to.

— Dwight Dzierzek

I’ve known Tess since grade school, and she always brought out the best in people while being a light for those around her. Reading these stories, I can see how other bearers of God’s light and grace have joined Tess in inspiring others. Inspired Lives is a testament to the mustard seed in all of us.

— William Stewart

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